Milestones and Goals

It’s been a while since I posted. First, my last scans and MRI were stable, and that is GREAT news. I’ve also passed a giant milestone – I’m on medicare with seemingly no major insurance glitches. Fingers crossed on that one! I’ve kept the same insurance company for my medicare advantage plan that I’ve been with for nearly 30 years. It was though quite the merry-go-round to make sure that everything was as I needed for it to be. When your insurance company covers a few hundred thousand dollars per year for your tests and treatment, you need it to be right. So, again, fingers crossed.

When I was first diagnosed and seemed to be dying, I was quite bummed that I wouldn’t live to be old. My life plan was to live to 100, and I happily announced middle age at 50. After all, our grandmother was just shy of 100 when she died. Cancer took the wind out of my sails on that one. But then came hope. Hope from the best of oncologists, hope from targeted therapy drugs developed by the best of researchers. Best because of their expertise, best because they care so much about their work, their patients.

But back to milestones. A granddaughter’s college graduation, two grandchildren’s elementary school graduations, with two more this year. Health events for family members that I’m glad I was around to help. A one year “cancerversary”, now SIX. Last year I passed a milestone I had feared, dreaded, and hoped for – I surpassed the age my dad was when he died of lung cancer. 64 years, four months. I was diagnosed at age 58 and 64 seemed almost unreachable. Treatment has improved so very much since 1994. I wish he had been able to benefit from today’s treatment.

Today was another milestone. Today, for the second time since my diagnosis I renewed my driver’s license. I hoped, but didn’t expect, to do so once again. I didn’t even mind saying that I was 30 pounds heavier, thanks to my Lady Lorlatinib, my targeted therapy drug with special side effects to prove she’s reaching my brain. I’m certain there’s so much more that this gift of time has given me, even with the isolation of COVID.

I’ve two personal goals, my every day resolutions. First, to keep my body, mind, and soul as healthy as I can. And secondly, to find joy in the every day every day. Happily ever after looks like what you make it, no matter how long it may be. Always have hope.

Soon Dan, the dachshunds, the goats, and I will be spending our summer at camp. The spring has been filled with trap and boat work for Dan, art play and the everyday for me, and lots of baseball and softball games to watch.

Sending hope to those fighting for their homeland and democracy in Ukraine. Hoping that everyone here and around the world has an awakened awareness of the importance of democracy.

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