Update Time!

Margaret is a Nurse Practioner that has been part of my Dana-Farber team since my first visits in 2016. While I was a bit disappointed (because I’d been doing phone appointments and even skipped my day of tests in late January) that Dr. Janne was away , I was excited to see Margaret because it had been quite a while. “God, your lungs sound GOOD!” she exclaimed. That was after marveling over my longevity on this TKI (Lorlatinib) and in general. And that exclamation was after asking a million health related questions as she caught up with my progress, which she’d been studying for the appointment. Just before the appointment, she had consulted with other oncologists and radiologist about that day’s tests to confirm that I continue to be stable. My blood work (except for the cholesterol which is elevated due to Lorlatinib) remains normal, normal, normal. Not sick with stage IV cancer normal, just NORMAL. In this cancer world where so many things are not normal in my body, it amazes me that my system stays so strong and well balanced.

When you look at my CT scan and the report, you might understand why she asked about my breathing, and admired the sound of my left lung. Here’s some of the report:

“Similar left upper lobe to superior segment of the left lower lobe groundglass and consolidative opacities, architectural distortion, reticulation, and traction bronchiectasis representing radiation fibrosis. Bibasilar subsegmental atelectasis (partially collapsed lung, but usual for me).” But then the magic words! “The central airways are clear. . No suspicious pulmonary nodules. Stable radiation fibrosis in the left lung. No evidence of recurrence.” My abdomen scan (No new sites of metastatic disease in abdomen and pelvis.) and brain MRI ( Which usually says unchanged lesion in occipital lobe, but this time said No intracranial metastases!) were equally good.

The drive was fine, Dan does so well. There was some rain while only 32º and dark on the way, but the roads were not slippery. Traffic was heavy near the city, but we arrived on time. Coming out of the city after the already long day, traffic was heavy and quite slow, especially around an accident area. We left home at 4:15 AM and returned home at 8:45 PM. So, all in all a very long, yet very productive day filled with hope. As always a day made easier knowing the goats and dogs are being well cared for.

My next day of scans (chest, abdomen), MRI, blood work, and oncology appointment will be in August. That means a hopefully uninterrupted summer of finding joy in the everyday every day with Dan, the dachshunds, and the goats. We’re looking forward to a summer of gardening and being at camp. I’m looking forward to learning more about natural dyes, stitching, and whatever art play presents itself.

I’m doing a stitching project for the Craft and Fundraise Challenge for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is my project so far. I think it will become a journal cover. If you’d like to donate or follow my progress, I think this link will take you there: https://www.facebook.com/donate/5974691142618785/

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring, thanks for your continued prayers and positive energy. Please, always have hope and try to find joy in the everyday every day.

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